Binding: formats A5, A4, A3

formats A5, A4, A3

The price of the brochure includes: cover, backing, plastic spring.

Available colors:

• color of the upper part (PVC film) - transparent, red, green;

• color of the bottom part (thick paper) - green, red, blue, white;

• spring color - green, red, blue, white, black.

We offer several options for binding documents, one of which is spring binding. In the service of binding documents, we include folding (folding) and picking, punching holes for the spring, assembling and fixing blocks. Binding of documents on a plastic spring is performed in a few minutes in the presence of the client.

For particularly important documents, you can use the lamination service to protect the documents from external influences.

Binding and, if necessary, rebinding of documents is performed when it is necessary to edit the document, add sheets to the document.

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