Copying: black & white and colour

black & white and colour

Duplex cost is calculated as the price of two single-sided pages.

The indicated prices are valid when the page is filled up to 50%. When filling more than 50%, the price of a copy increases by 30%.

When copying a bound document in several spreads on one page, the cost is calculated by the number of pages (spreads) of the original.

The page discount does not apply to documents that need to be copied page by page.

Color copies of documents containing signatures and seals are stamped “Copy” in accordance with Art. 380 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

When using additional copier options (background suppression, brightness control), it is possible to obtain copies that are superior in quality to the original.

Our equipment allows to make a copy with an increase of up to 400% or reduction of up to 25% of the original size. This option is useful when copying illustrations

from books, drawings or graphs.

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