ID photo

Additional photo processing

The production of a photo for documents is carried out within 2 hours, an urgent photo (5-20 minutes) - plus 30% to the indicated cost.

The price of one photo block includes: 3x4 - 6 pcs., 3.5x4.5 - 4 pcs., 4x5 - 4 pcs., 5x5 - 2 pcs., 4.5x5.5 - 4 pcs., 5x6 - 2 pcs.

In our center you can take photos for the following documents:

1 passport;

2 Schengen visa and visas of other states;

3 driver's license;

4 student and student documents;

5 personal matter;

6 certificate and many others.

Please specify in detail the requirements for photographs in the organizations where you receive the required document:

• photo size

• color or black and white photography

• head size

• on what paper the photo is accepted

• the number of photos required for you to receive this document

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